My IBD Must Haves!

IBD has definitely changed the way I live my life. I could either let it control me and not live the life I want to live anymore, or I learn ways to help manage it!

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These items are my go-to's for when my Crohn's pops up! Out of nowhere, I can get horrible stomach cramps, become extremely nauseous or get extremely bloated. All these can disrupt your daily life. The items listed below help me manage these different symptoms and the best part is most of these you can keep with you while on the go!

Heating pad- There is no better feeling than placing a heating pad on an upset stomach. I usually use this when my stomach is cramping and the heat feels so nice!

Nauzene- These tablets are a lifesaver for me. I get really bad car sickness and randomly will get extremely nauseous, and these help soo much. Chew 1-2 tablets and it instantly goes away!

Peppermint Oil- This oil is contains menthol which gives a cooling effect. Not only is this helpful for rubbing on an upset stomach, but also for headaches and other pains as well! I carry a little tube of it with me wherever I go!

Ginger Tea- This tea is great for many digestive issues. Nausea, gas, bloating, cramps and indigestion.

Meditation Apps- Stress is a major trigger for Crohn's symptoms. If I have a minute or two, I will listen to a quick guided meditation and take some deep breaths. Being able to control my stress makes a huge difference in how I feel!

Would love to hear your must haves and if you have any other helpful tricks! =)