Skincare Superstars!

These products should definitely be included in your skincare routines!! Here shows a brief explanation of each product, and when to use!

Vitamin C- known as one of the best anti-aging ingredients on the market

When to use- In the morning!

* It helps with hydration because it helps the skin retain moisture

* It helps brighten skin by reducing dullness

* It helps fade hyperpigmentation

* It helps reduce the appearance of under eye circles

Hyaluronic Acid- helps your skin retain water to keep your skin hydrated

When to use- Morning and night! Can be mixed with all the other ingredients mentioned!

* Helps visibility of wrinkles and fine lines

* Helps stimulate skin regeneration

Retinol- considered a must have by dermatologists

When to use- At night! Not mixed with AHA!

*Helps encourage skin cell turnover

* Helps thicken the skin helping with wrinkles

*Helps inhibit collagen breakdown

SPF- helps protect your skin from damage from the sun!

When to use it- Every morning, and reapply every 2 hours!

*Helps keep your complexion even

* Helps protect against visible signs of aging

*Helps with overall skin health

AHA- primarily used to exfoliate

When to use- Switch between using retinol and this at night

* Helps promote collagen and blood flow

* Helps correct discoloration from scaring and age spots

* Help prevent acne breakouts