Share & Tell with @Katekerner

I love following Kate Kerner. She is based in NYC and posts daily healthy lifestyle motivation. She also has a brand new fitness class called Knockout by Kate. It was debuted on behalf of beRevolutionarie, the first digital wellness + fitness platform created for women by women to help transform minds, bodies, and souls. Follow her to see her inspiring daily posts!

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Which is your favorite class in NYC?

I’m a die hard SoulCycle girl! I love a high intensity workout & dancing on a bike that goes no where.

What do you eat immediately after a workout?

I love a loaded dairy free yogurt bowl right after a workout. I top it with granola, peanut butter, banana, berries, cinnamon & jam.

Where is your go to spot to get a healthy meal in NYC?

I am obsessed with Westville. Their kale salad with goat cheese instead of blue cheese and added salmon is AMAZING.

Until classes and gyms open fully again, what tips do you have for working out at home?

Do workouts that make YOU happy. There’s plenty of workouts you can do that you don’t need equipment for. Checkout @berevolutionarie new digital fitness & wellness platform. We’re now offering a 14 day free trial!

What have you learned in your fitness journey? 

I’ve learned to my biggest cheerleader. You have to be the one to lift yourself up, especially when you need it most.