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Hannah Bostdorff is an incredible baker and a daily inspiration for living a healthy life. She believes in simple recipes to harvest her health spiritually, physically and mentally. Take a look for yourself, her recipes are out of this world!

What does a normal day of eating look like for you? Do you have dessert everyday?

Honestly, every day is very different because I listen to my body and crave different things each day! That being said, I do like to have a smoothie just about every day, a salad of some sort, and a sweet treat after each meal. Dessert is my favorite haha!

Were you always good in the kitchen? How did you learn to create such yummy recipes?

I’ve always been really into baking, ever since I was little! I didn’t really start making “healthier” treats though until college, when I started my Instagram at the end of my freshman year. It was really just trial & error, but my passion for baking really kept me going!

What is your favorite recipe?

I LOVE anything with bananas, so my yogurt banana bread is probably my favorite recipe!

How have you changed during this journey?

God has taught me a whole lot about Him and myself in this journey of pursuing baking! He has taught me that: you don’t have to be perfect at something to pursue it, it’s ok to make mistakes—but take what you did and learn from it, and though things may get rough— pressing on with faith shows true strength.  Through this journey, I have began fueling my body with NOURISHING & WHOLE foods which has changed me in the best possible way.

How can someone start to change their eating habits to cleaner ingredients without getting overwhelmed and feeling restricted?

My biggest tips for this are to start SIMPLE! Someone once told me to fill my cart with what’s on the “outside” of grocery store first—meaning choose fruits, vegetables, yogurt, eggs, and then be choosy over what you buy on the “inside” of the grocery store—chips, cakes, canned foods, etc. I do also believe in having that mindset that no food is “bad” but that some foods are definitely going to make you feel better than others— and those are the foods I try to fuel my body with first! If you’re craving dessert... just eat it! The more you push it off, the more you’re going to crave + binge on it.