My Everyday Routines

I love following a schedule. I have found that being organized and having similar schedules each day, help me so much. It helps with my sleep, my digestion and mental clarity. These are the daily practices that I make sure to incorporate everyday to help me feel and look my best!


Skincare Routine. I have the same morning skincare routine everyday. Wash my face, serum, eye cream, moisturizer, scar cream and SPF oil. This regime helps treat, protect and heal my skin.

(Will do a longer post with all the details)

Every morning I take 1 Black Currant Seed Oil Pill (I take 2 when it is the week before and during my period). These pills have been awesome for my hormonal cystic acne. A holistic pharmacist I went to told me that this would help with my hormone issues.

Sit for a few minutes and watch a happy T.V. show. I know it sounds silly, but starting my day off with a comedy show or movie really helps me start my day off in a happy way. My recent go-to's have been Baby Daddy and Melissa and Joey.

Morning walk. Every morning, I walk 20 minutes to get to work. During this time I listen to my favorite songs and enjoy how beautiful the walk is. I also love that I get to start moving my body so early in the morning.


Eating little nutrient dense meals throughout the day. This helps my digestion and keeps me feeling energized all day.

Drink lots of water and tea. I never go anywhere with my water bottle and am constantly refilling it.

Weight training. I love the way that weight training makes my body feel strong and powerful. I honestly feel the best I have ever been because of weight training.

Kombucha. I drink half a bottle of kombucha every day. It helps me get probiotics and it gives me a little boost of energy.


20 minutes of movement. I love giving myself one more opportunity to move in the evening. I switch between a yoga flow, spin, dance cardio and pilates. This later movement in the day has really helped me have a peaceful rest of the night.

Anxiety Medication. This medication has seriously helped me so much. I experienced my first anxiety attack after a break up and realized I needed something to help me. I believe this medication has helped me become the best version of myself.

Skincare. My nighttime skincare routine varies depending the day. Wash my face, toner, serum, eye cream, moisturizer and scar cream. Nighttime is the most important time for your skin to heal!

Body Care. Moisturizing my body with either a regular lotion or my tanning lotion. Painting my nails or putting on a face mask. These simple practices help my body look and feel its best!