My Daily Supplements!

Besides trying to incorporate lots of healthy items in my diet, I also include these supplements!

Vitamin C-

*Strong Antioxidant

*Helps absorb iron

*Boosts immunity


*Helps balance the good bacteria in your digestive system

*May help reduce the risk of some allergies


*Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant

*Benefits against depression

Black Currant Seed Oil-

(I was recommended this to help with my severe cramping from my periods. I did not notice it helping with my cramps, but I did notice it helping with my hormonal cystic pimples! I take one a day, but the week before my period and the week during my period, I take 2 a day!)

*May help improve the immune system

*Helps decrease swelling

Aloe Vera Juice-

(I was recommended this to help heal my ulcer from my Crohn's. It is completely tasteless! I throw it in my juices and smoothies)

*Helps with hydration

*Helps with clear skin

Click on the supplement name to shop what I use! What supplements do you take daily?