Help Prevent Maskne

Who else breakouts every time they wear a mask? This is what has helped keep my skin under control while wearing my mask for 8 plus hours a day!

These items/ tips have been helping my skin from breaking out. I am by no means an expert, but I wanted to share what has helped me!

Silk Face Mask:

Silk face masks are great because they help prevent the irritation that can cause breakouts.

I wear this mask every day. I hand wash it as soon as I get home and air dry it to make sure it is clean for the next day!


Keeping your skin moisturized while under your mask in very important! I recently have switched to Glymed Plus products and have noticed a great change in my skin.

No Makeup Under Your Mask:

This is a big one!! Keep your skin clean and moisturized under your mask! This helps lessen the possibility of irritation to your skin that causes breakouts.

Spot Treatment:

This spot treatment has helped my skin so much! I will put a light layer over my moisturizer on days that I see more skin irritation. I try not to do it everyday because I do not want to dry my skin out. I'll apply it a few times a week and have seen such a big difference from using it!