Create Your Own At Home Spa

I am all about Beauty and Wellness on a budget (when it is possible). Here are my at home spa items under $30!

Spa Music and Dim Your Lights- I always go on my Spotify and look up "spa music." I'm telling you it makes a big difference!! And with the darkened room, I feel like I am somewhere else!

Put on a Face Mask- Whatever your skin is needing, do it! Hydration, acne treatment, anti-aging, dark spots or pigmentation, there are masks that can help with all of the above!

I love this mask because bentonite clay has so may benefits such as removing toxins and helping with acne.

Bentonite Clay Mask

Moisturize Your Body- Keeping your skin moisturized helps with anti-aging. Find a smell you love and moisturize that body!

Body Butter

Gua Sha- I just started incorporating this tool into my skincare routine and I really love it! Gua Sha is known for relieving facial tensions, boosting blood circulation and helps banish bloat.

Jade Gua Sha

Treat Your Feet or Take a Bath- Fill up your bathtub or if you do not have one, your sink with warm water! Drop in a bath bomb and Epsom salt. Epsom salt promotes sleep and stress reduction, helps with recovery from exercising and reduces pain and swelling.

Epsom Salt

Spice Up Your Water- Add cucumbers, mint, lemon or whatever else you love to your water to make it special! Plus you get the bonus of the extra nutrients!

Enjoy your at home spa day!!